30 Creative Ideas for Milestone Birthdays

We’re both a year away from the big 3-0 birthday and have a few friends – husbands included – that are hitting the milestone this summer. We’ve been busy planning their bashes and daydreaming about ours so figured it would make a great post.

Here are 30 creative ideas to celebrate a milestone birthday! We’ve also put in a few recommendations for local spots if you live in Los Angeles area 🙂


  1. Tackle a difficult hiking trail jogging-2343558_1920
  2. Rent out a roller skating rink and throw a party for a big group of friends – keep things affordable by ordering pizza for dinner or just doing a birthday cake
  3. Run your age in miles
  4. Do a Century Road Ride (cycling ride of 100 miles within 12 hours)
  5. Rent out your favorite fitness studio (we love hot yoga!) and host a private class for your friends


  1. Go Bungee Jumpingadventure-balloon-clouds-68806
  2. Go Parasailing (we recommend going to Catalina off the coast of Los Angeles)
  3. Organize a group to go white-water rafting
  4. Rent out a laser tag spot, we love Ultrazone in Sherman Oaks.
  5. Take a trip in a hot air balloon

Travel Bug


  1. Take an international trip to a new destination
  2. Take a group of friends on a weekend cruise
  3. Book a long weekend to go camping and spend the weekend outdoors
  4. Travel to all 50 states, spend your 30th birthday in the last one!
  5. Charter a jet or book a seat on a private plane with JetSuite

Food and Drink

  1. Rent a private space at a bar and curate a cocktail class, one of our favorite LA spots: The Association in DTLAalcohol-bar-blur-313715
  2. Book a private cooking class for a group of friends, one of our favorite LA spots: EATZ in Mid-city
  3. Take a day-trip to wine country or do a brewery crawl
  4. Book a private dinner at a restaurant and have wine pairings, we love Madera in Hollywood
  5. Take a group on a food tour or to a food festival, we love Six Taste in LA



  1. Set up a backyard movie night and have a popcorn machine
  2. Invite a glam squad to your house to do manicures and beauty tutorials.
  3. Spend the entire day at the Korean Spa, we love Wi Spa in Koreatown, Los Angeles
  4. Book a mansion on Airbnb and spend the weekend there with a few great friends
  5. Visit a pet rescue and play with puppies all day

Ideas for Hosting Your Own Bash


  1. Set up a photo booth at your house with a Polaroid camera and lots of great props and balloons
  2. Create a cake in the shape of your milestone number
  3. Hire a chef to make dinner at your house
  4. Host your own Beer Olympics
  5. Host your own wine and chocolate tasting party

What’s been your favorite birthday celebration for yourself or someone else? Ever put together a big surprise or epic trip to celebrate someone you love?? Let us know in the comments!


  1. You are so fun and creative. All of these parties sounds like an awesome time! I personally really liked the backyard movie night and the cooking class idea. Have a great time celebrating!

  2. These are all great ideas to celebrate a birthday. If I were to choose, I’d do an international travel. I would want to go back to Taiwan and explore the nature parks and hiking trails in Hualien and Nantou. I so dream of visiting the Danshui River park again!!!

  3. I’d have to wait 5.5 years to have a milestone birthday so I don’t think I’ll wait that long. I’d love the long week-end camping in our state park. Early morning tea with friends and chat about old times through the night. I also love the idea of wine tasting as a staycation. Here in New York we have some of the finest orchards.

  4. Aww these are all cute and super fun ideas! Since I’ve had kids honestly I don’t even think about a celebration day for me… I just have a blast planning theirs:)

  5. There are so many great ideas here, great job! I like the idea of booking a seat on a private jet or hiring a private jet!

  6. 24 is totes a milestone birthday (or at least I think it is.) I am nearly a quarter of a century old. These are great tips. Last year, I aimed to face my fears and went sky diving & horseback riding.

Let us know what you think!