Podcasts We Love As Of Late

A few months back we did a post on our favorite podcasts of the moment, and today we’re back with more! We’re both big fans of listening to podcasts on our commute, while we’re out getting our 10,000 steps, or just hanging around the house. Here are some more favorites du jour!


Why We Eat What We Eat

BA_Art_FinalThis is a fantastic foodie podcast presented by Blue Apron. Laura and I have been Blue Apron customers for years and have fully jumped on the meal-delivery kit bandwagon. I love to cook, try new recipes and host dinner parties so this podcast is perfect for me. It’s full of food history, stories, conspiracy theories and trends in the food industry. If you are a foodie like me, you’ll love this podcast!

When to Jump

170x170bb-1This podcast is a set of interviews with successful people that have taken the leap by leaving a full-time steady gig to peruse a dream. I first started listening to this podcast because of the Harpoon Brewery story (one of my favorite beer brands). I kept listening because I love the inspirational stories of side hustle turning into a full-time success. It’s motivating to hear their stories and inspires me to keep hustling!

The Moth

the mothThis story-telling podcast has been one of my favorites for a long time. All of the stories told on this podcast are true stories told by the people themselves. Each episode is usually about an hour long and includes several stories that often have something in common but other times they are completely unrelated. You can also attend their live events that are held around the world and hear the stories in person.


Call Your Girlfriend

away_cygfRecommended to me by a friend, this podcast is all about friendships, dubbed “the podcast for long-distance besties.” Hosts Ann and Amina live on opposite coasts and use the weekly podcast as both a catch-up call for all things life (think current juice cleanse thoughts, chats on period pain, and where they’re at in their careers) and as a forum to discuss the greater political and societal world and how women are fitting into it (think getting more women to run for public leadership, discussing how the current administration is working, and defining ‘Shine Theory‘ and ‘The Ladyweb’). These ladies know how to balance the serious with humor and keep me coming back for the drama and the laughs every week.

Death, Sex & Money

DSM_squareHosted by Anna Sale, previously a political journalist, Death, Sex & Money delves into its namesake topics with a variety of guests, ranging from other journalists and newsmakers to comedians and personal friends. Anna has a fantastically unique approach to speaking with her guests and somehow eases each and every one of them into discussing often taboo topics. She allows her guests to take their time in hard conversations and impressively probes deeper and further than many conversation-based podcasts usually do. A great listen for anyone feeling the “am I an adult yet?” emotion.

Skimm’d from The Couch

170x170bbI mentioned this one on It’s A Thing a few weeks back, but I’m still equally obsessed. I’ve been a Skimm daily newsletter subscriber for quite a while (if you’re not yet, I definitely recommend signing up for the daily brief on what’s happening in the news!), and their podcast is a lovely weekly supplement. Not as news-focused, Skimm’d from The Couch is an interview series with successful female leaders, founders, and CEOs. The hosts, Carly and Danielle, do a great job of finding captivating guests with great stories and asking the probing questions we’re all thinking!

Have any others we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments!