Where to Eat in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the world. And one of my favorite things to do there is to EAT!! This is my roundup of favorite restaurants and what you should order at each one.

Bon Ton Cafe (website, yelp)

The Bon Ton Cafe is my number one recommendation for your next visit to New Orleans. It’s a tad off the beaten path which I love and the food is just incredible. You’ll have to travel a bit out of the hustle and bustle of the quarter for this spot, but it’s not a bad walk. Bon Ton Cafe is a tad on the expensive side but it is worth it!

What to get: Crawfish Etouffee, Red Fish Alzina, Bread Pudding w/Whiskey Sauce and Butter Pecan Ice Cream à la mode

Mother’s (website, yelp)

I am going to start this one off by saying, it is worth the wait, stand in line, you won’t regret it! Mother’s is a casual order at the counter place. They are great about giving you menus to look at while you wait in line so you can start deciding what to get, once you are at the counter, they want you to order quick! The Po Boys are huge but great for splitting if you want to try a few things. Everything is delicious, you can’t go wrong at Mother’s!

What to get: Po Boys, Crawfish Etouffee, TURNIP GREENS (seriously, don’t skip out on this veggie, it is so good!!)

Cochon Butcher (website, yelp)

This is a great casual order-at-the-counter lunch spot that kills it with flavor. Every ingredient is on point. They are known for sandwiches but I’ve also had great luck with the salads and sides. It’s located close to the convention center so it’s an easy spot to grab lunch when you are on a break from a conference. It’s worth the trek (~15 min walk) over even if you are staying in the French Quarter area.

What to get: Anything on special, Cubano, Muffuletta

Cafe du Monde (website, yelp)

When in NOLA, you must go to Cafe du Monde. They only serve a few things so it won’t be hard to decide what to get. The beignets come in orders of 3 and are best when eaten hot! Go to the big location in the quarter first for the experience and then if you are craving beignets later in your trip you can visit the smaller location located in the mall. To avoid a line, go late at night – they are open 24 hours a day!

What to get: Beignets and Cafe Au Lait

The Palace (website, yelp)

This lovely restaurant is located right on Canal Street close to the major hotels. I highly recommend going for breakfast. The breakfast bar is a wonderful way to try a lot of things (biscuits and gravy, smoked alligator sausage) but you can order off the menu as well. Entrees are big so consider splitting if you are getting one of the heavy items. It’s also a great spot for happy hour, you can sit upstairs at the bar or eat outside and watch the bustle of Canal Street.

What to get: Breakfast Bar, Debris Benedict, Shrimp & Grits, Happy Hour

The Ruby Slipper (website, yelp)

This is the spot to get brunch. Be ready to stand in a bit of a line on weekend mornings, don’t worry you can order cocktails to sip while you wait in line. I highly recommend getting the benedicts, you can actually mix and match and get two different kinds on one plate. They are served on top of biscuits that are flaky and delicious!

What to get: Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, Benedicts

GW Fins (website, yelp)

If you love seafood, this is your spot! GW Fins is a slightly more upscale restaurant (white tablecloths, extensive wine list). If you are going for a more affordable meal, order a few appetizers/entrees and share them with the table. The Fin Wings are a must so be sure to order those. They come by with biscuits a couple of times, don’t skip the bread at this place, they are one of the best parts!!

What to get: Tempura Fin Wings, Blue Crab Pot-stickers, Biscuits

NOLA (website, yelp)

This is one of Emeril’s restaurants. This one is located in the French Quarter so it’s easy to go to as you are sightseeing. Everything we ate was delicious, go hungry because you are going to want to order appetizers + entrees + dessert! One of my favorite things was the smoked mushrooms that came on the side of the egg roll appetizer, they were so unique and unexpectedly good!

What to get: One Foot Egg Roll, Frog Legs, Fried Chicken with Pecan Gravy, Gulf Fish


As you may know from my previous travel posts, one of my favorite presents to buy for people while I am traveling are things you can buy at the grocery store. Same goes for New Orleans of course! I recommend: Beer Mustard from Cochon Butcher, Coffee from Cafe du Monde and Hot Sauce/Cajun seasoning from any of the grocery stores or little tourist shops. If you really want to bring the city home with you, mail a king cake back home!

Anyone else been to NOLA recently? What spots do you recommend?


Let us know what you think!