6 Quick Ways to Make Space on your iPhone

Remember when Laura wrote about how important it is to back up your photos? She also gave some great tips on space saving.

But what if you just need a little space so you can take one more photo? And what if you need it right now before the moment is gone??


These are our top tips for quick ways to make a little room while you are on the go!

  1. Delete videos – Your video files take up way more space than your photos. Just deleting a few videos could free up the space you need!img_6607
  2. Delete your deleted photos – Your phone actually keeps your deleted photos for 29 days after you hit delete. So even if it feels like you just freed up a ton of space, you have to go and double-delete them for them to really disappear. In your albums, there is a folder for “deleted photos” – once you delete them from there, they will really be gone and stop taking up space!
  3. Look at your “bursts” – Sometimes you’ll unknowingly take 30+ photos of the same thing! iPhones automatically create an album for you with all of your bursts saved in one spot. You can click on your bursts and choose to keep just one or two favorite shots and delete the rest.
  4. Delete Apps you don’t use – if you haven’t used it in the last month, do you really need it on your phone?
  5. Listen to your podcasts all the way through & then delete! – if you forget about an episode, they’ll stay on your phone even if you just have a few seconds left to listen to.
  6. Delete your text messages – text messages are huge contributors storage issues. Each of your text chains contains all of the photos and files you’ve sent that person too. When you delete the thread, all of those things stop taking up space too.

Do you have any quick and easy ways to make space on your phone that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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