Best Stretchy Pants for Your Thanksgiving Outfit

Anyone else just love wearing leggings as pants? We are yoga addicts so have a ton of different pairs. Our favorites: Stella, Laura. You can easily dress these up with a cozy long sweater, long top, or vest. Regardless, we think being comfortable is a top priority for Thanksgiving…just thinking about all those side dishes is already making our mouths water and our tummies expand!

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Cute cuffed pants with pockets are a perfect option! Stella has a pair of the “Do Everything Cuffed Pants” and they are so comfy, plus she gets compliments every time that she wears them! They are from a brand called Lucy, which is mostly athletic wear but these particular pants are called the “Do Everything” for a reason and you really can wear them to just about any activity – including stuffing your face with turkey! Lucy’s site is sold out of the ones I bought on amazon but they have a bunch of similar options that we love – photos & links below!
Strong Is Beautiful Pant  download.png   0A376S_2SK_1.jpg

Laura is pretty obsessed with Uniqlo’s entire Legging Pants collection (is 4 pairs too many??) and they’re a great option for a night you know you’re going to be eating a lot! They look equally professional before dinner and after. They also come in a variety of styles which is great to switch up your look: legging, denim, and velvet!


Not into the legging trend? Wear a cute and simple dress! We both own multiple colors of this cute dress from J.Crew. We love it. It is super comfy and dresses up easily with a cardigan and some jewelry.

43785_BL6669   43841_MF9856

What’s your go-to Thanksgiving outfit? Let us know in the comments!


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