The Kitchen Gadgets You Need for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is so soon and this week we have lots of tips, tricks, and suggestions to share on how to host, what to bring, and when to cook! Starting off, here’s a roundup of the can’t-live-without kitchen gadgets that will make your Thanksgiving day (or day before!) go off without a hitch!


Best Roasting Pan: You’re going to need a deep roasting pan if you want to make enough gravy to satisfy the hungry masses! This pan delivers on depth, without compromising in weight and being so heavy that you can barely lift it. I especially love the rack in this set, as the bars are not flimsy, but set far enough away from each other for ease of cleaning!


Best Fat/Gravy Separator: I don’t think this gadget needs to be fancy (though there are lots of fancy options out there if you so desire!), I actually use one that I got at CVS ~8 years ago and it’s still performing the job just as well as on day one! That being said, the gadget itself is SO necessary to get that picturesque gravy that everyone will want to drown their plates with.


Best Carving Knife Set: Truth be told this is actually on my “must buy!!” list at the moment. We hosted a friendsgiving in celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving last month and carving our bird without these exact tools was…interesting ;).


Best Dutch Oven: I actually acquired this dutch oven to be able to go camping and make chili, corn bread, etc. but it has turned out to be one of my faves for Thanksgiving meals, too! Its sturdy nature keeps potato dishes warm for hours outside of the oven, freeing up some space for pies, casseroles, and the like!


Best Thermometer: Stella actually gifted me this meat thermometer a few years ago and it comes in handy at the best of times! I’ve also recently been researching probe thermometers, which are especially useful for turkeys as you’re leaving them in the oven for quite some time and want to know exactly when they’re ready (USDA recommends between 175 °F to 180 °F).


Best Serving Platter Set: I’m a big fan of a cohesive tablescape, and what better way to accomplish that than with a set of matching serveware! These platters get used as cheese and crudite plates for appetizers, to display rolls and veggies during dinner, and are even sturdy enough to get used for plating burgers, dogs, and sausages at summer barbecues! A definite must for a well-stocked kitchen.

What else helps you the most during the lead-up to Thanksgiving? Have any gadgets you absolutely can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!