It’s A Thing 9.8.17

  1. It’s been so hot this week in LA, which unfortunately means we keep getting tons of ants. I’ve been using Peppermint Essential Oil to keep them away and it’s worked super well!
  2. We just booked our Airbnb for our upcoming trip to Montreal! Really enjoyed listening to Joe Gebbia’s story on How I Built This and hearing all about how he created Air Bed and Breakfast. fall-map.png
  3. This map from Apartment Therapy shows you when the leaves start to change across the US.
  4. Sam and I finally bought new bedside tables to replace the ones we sold on craigslist.
  5. Looking forward to Timeout LA’s Battle of the Burger event at the end of this month!


  1. I started selling things on Poshmark this week! I’m hoping this becomes an excellent way to both clean out my closet and amass a little bit of extra spending (or investing!) money.3b17401c-ca2e-4d3a-b80d-268bb11c370c-scallion-pancake-challah_food52_mark_weinberg_14-05-06_0672
  2. I, too, am very excited about our upcoming Montreal trip! Presciently, Jessica Moorhouse just posted a ton of frugal traveling tips for Montreal! Psyched to check out all of her recommendations.
  3. Mario Badescu’s Flower & Tonic Mask. I’ve been super obsessed with this line of skincare for a bit, and this mask is my current go-to. I work from home one day a week, and you better know that’s when I get my masking on!
  4. Rosh Hashanah is coming up and all of these challah recipes are a) beautiful and b) making me drool in anticipation! Also this one that is a scallion pancake challah recipe?! Too far or just far enough?