50 Food Things To Add To Your Bucket List

  1. Go clamming
  2. Make an entire meal over a campfire
  3. Make beer can chicken
  4. Go out to a $100+ per person dinner
  5. Make a vegan pizza
  6. Make bread from scratch (bonus points for serving with homemade butter)
  7. Brew your own beer
  8. Complete a 7 day juice cleanse
  9. Take a cooking lesson
  10. Join a wine club membership
  11. Eat homemade popsicles outside on a 90+ degree day
  12. Go vegetarian for 2 meals everyday for a year
  13. Make food in the shape of a football for the Super Bowl
  14. Eat all three meals with chopsticks for a day
  15. Eat raw for a week
  16. Drink juice from a fresh coconut
  17. Eat a meal in pitch black darkness
  18. Make Baked Alaska
  19. Make a meal with five things from your garden
  20. Make a Timpano and watch the movie Big Night
  21. Make your own mustard
  22. Go one month without eating out or ordering takeout
  23. Drink a $100+ bottle of wine
  24. Taste a scotch that is older than you
  25. Try intermittent fasting for a month
  26. Catch, cook, and eat a fish
  27. Attend a pig roast
  28. Cook every dish in one cookbook
  29. Cook with a celebrity chef
  30. Extract honey from a bee hive
  31. Enter something in a food competition
  32. Hunt for wild mushrooms
  33. Order one of everything on a menu
  34. Saber a champagne bottle
  35. Make a donut tower
  36. Infuse your own vodka
  37. Eat in an underwater restaurant
  38. Make a meal with things found entirely at the Farmers Market
  39. Create a family cookbook
  40. Make homemade jam
  41. Make homemade pickles
  42. Taste wine at a vineyard
  43. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
  44. Eat a 5-course dinner
  45. Get wine pairings with dinner
  46. Eat bugs
  47. Make bone broth
  48. Make something delicious with Spam
  49. Go to a cocktail class
  50. Eat escargot

What else should we add to our bucket list? Have you crossed off any bucket list items recently?? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I’ve done quite a few of these, but you have some unique items here to do. Dinning in an underwater resto would be fun…and maybe distracting from the person trying to talk to you. 😊

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