50 Finance Things To Add To Your Bucket List

  1. Become a millionaire
  2. Leave a 100% tip
  3. Meet the 401k annual limit
  4. Buy stock in a company you believe in
  5. Pay off your student loans
  6. Pay off your car loan
  7. Sell $500 worth of things on ebay
  8. Read a book about finance (can we suggest ‘The Millionaire Next Door?)
  9. Track all of your spending for a month (or three! or a year! or always!)
  10. Improve your credit score by at least 50 points
  11. Donate to a Kickstarter campaign
  12. Go a year without buying any clothes or shoes
  13. Open a robo-advisor account and set up automatic deposits
  14. Sell something online
  15. Invest your IRA
  16. Come up with a monthly or annual donating plan
  17. Get paid as an extra in a TV show or movie
  18. Get paid to create something artistic
  19. Donate 50 items from your closet
  20. Open an Etsy store
  21. Donate $2,000 to a cause you believe in
  22. Start a business
  23. Pay for a table of strangers’ meal
  24. Become financially independent
  25. Haggle at an open market
  26. Donate 100 books to a prison
  27. Make a Kiva.com loan
  28. Create a living will
  29. Negotiate for a raise at work
  30. Build an emergency fund that you can live on for 6 months
  31. Give back to a school you attended
  32. Create and fund a scholarship
  33. Meet with a financial adviser
  34. Save all of your change until your piggy bank has $100+
  35. Pay for everything with cash for an entire week
  36. Get paid to travel domestically
  37. Get paid to travel internationally
  38. Don’t go out to eat for an entire month
  39. Get your credit score over 800
  40. Pay off your mortgage
  41. Earn more than $5,000 from your side hustle
  42. Own a bar of gold
  43. Book an international flight solely using reward points
  44. Go on a no-budget shopping spree
  45. Come up with a list of 100 money-making ideas and try at least one thing on the list
  46. Start a 529b for your children
  47. Make your kid a Money Genius
  48. Have zero debt
  49. Put $100 into savings for every Bucket List goal completed
  50. Retire Early

What else should we add to our bucket list? Have you crossed off any bucket list items recently?? Let us know in the comments!

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