It’s A Thing 6.8.18

Final Trip Planning Mode!
  1. This Sunday we are leaving for our big Africa trip! I am doing final packing and picking out a few books to read, podcasts to download and movies/shows to load up my kindle fire with. Loved this post about travel books.
  2. Leading up to the big trip, my husband and I have both been trying to pick up lots of side hustle gigs to make some extra cash for all the activities and travel expenses. I typically do freelance events as a side hustle and I am obsessed with these basic black flats from Target for all the running around. They are dressy enough for work and don’t break the bank!
  3. As you may already know from our previous post about lemons, I am obsessed. My new favorite lemon item is this delicious Lemon Curd from Trader Joe’s, OMG it’s incredible.
  4. Southwest just released their flights through the end of the year late last week. I went for it and already booked our flights home for Christmas to lock in a great deal. I was thrilled that with all the points we earned in our first year of having the Southwest Credit Card, we were able to book award fares for the holidays. Traveling and saving money are two of my favorite things!
  1. We have lots of family and friends in town this week to celebrate our wedding. img_7188Rather than the traditional wedding, we decided to do a super small intimate ceremony a few weeks ago and then big parties on both coasts to celebrate with all our friends. I’ve been making hundreds of cupcakes this week and am obsessed with this multi-level cupcake carrier.
  2. In the midst of all the wedding planning, traveling and people in town – we are trying to have time to do some house projects too. Up next, we are installing wood flooring in our house.
  3. Loved reading this article about Disney’s training program for women to learn how to be code and become software engineers.
  4. We celebrated Jacob’s 30th birthday last weekend by renting out the 60-inch telescope for the evening at Mt. Wilson Observatory! It was the perfect way to celebrate his big milestone birthday.

Let us know what you think!