It’s A Thing 6.1.18

  1. My husband and I are heading to Ohio this weekend for a family wedding. We are flying in and out of Indianapolis. I’ve never been to Indianapolis before so we are hoping to sneak in a bit of sightseeing during our quick trip. It looks like they have a pretty cool local beer scene so I am excited to check out some breweries.

    It’s been rainy in LA this week!
  2. Our reason for the trip to Ohio is to attend a family wedding. I bought my dress on Poshmark to save some money and am trilled with it. Poshmark is a great place to sell your old wedding guest dresses too!
  3. I’ve slowly been making my way through Thrillist’s list of “Best Burgers in Los Angeles” and finally tried out Golden State this week. It was delicious. Hoping to make my way up to the spiciest burger on the list from Jitlada. It’s a thai spot that serves it’s burger without a bun and it’s filled with flavor.
  4. We had friends over this week for nachos (one of my favorite meals to serve for a group) – these particular friends are vegetarians so we decided to use the Thug Kitchen recipe. This is my favorite cookbook for all things vegan.
  1. Jacob and I are redoing our kitchen (…we’ve been in progress for going on 6 months now… I don’t want to talk about it) and are currently on the lookout for a fun backsplash tile for one of our walls. I LOVE these “fruit salad” tiles featured on Design Milk but they are a bit too pricey for our budget.IMG_6656
  2. I’m not job searching but I really appreciated this list of 45 changes you should make to your resume, broken down by if you have 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 15 minutes to dedicate to work on it. Some really great ideas that hadn’t occurred to me!
  3. Speaking of lists, this Frugalwoods list of practical and useful items to add to your wedding registry is amazing. Jacob and I did not register because we’ve lived together for so long that we really aren’t in need of things to furnish a home, and instead chose to do an alternative gift suggestion in the from of donating to some of our favorite causes, and I loved hearing that, that is becoming a more popular trend among engaged couples!
  4. Now that I just extolled the virtues of not registering in favor of minimalism… is it bad that I’m super lusting after all the new Aerin wares in collaboration with Williams Sonoma?? Heart-eye-emoji to these bowls, this platter and this platter, and this champagne bucket!

Let us know what you think!