Easter Etsy Finds

Easter is just a little over a week away! Have you dyed your eggs, gotten your baskets and fake paper grass to be filled, and started your egg-hiding map?! We’re loving all of these fun Etsy finds if you’re looking for a perfectly pastel Easter gift for a friend, kiddo, or significant other!

Distressed Bunny Shirt – $19.79+

This is a cute casual shirt for Easter morning. We love that it isn’t holiday-specific so you can wear it all year round!


Wooden Eggs – $12.95

These simply-designed eggs make a beautiful centerpiece for your table. We love that they are easy to dress up with household items and fit in beautifully with Farmhouse decor.


Bunny Ear Flower Crown – $20.00+

This pretty crown is a nice step up from your typical cloth bunny ears. This artist has a ton of options so be sure to check out her page!


Easter Pastel Mason Jar Centerpiece – $14.00+

Love these pastel mason jars that can definitely do double duty and continue to serve as vases or catch-alls throughout the year.


Peeps Bath Bombs – $4.50+

Perfect for some self-care on Easter, these bath bombs are adorable and deliciously “Marshmallow Sugar” scented! Just be sure not to mix them up with a box of the edible ones 😉


Personalized Baseball/Softball Easter Bin – $9.90+

Easter baskets are all well and good, but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up. MLB Opening Day just happens to line up right around Easter, so we love this personalize-able bin that can go on to hold sports gear or toys!


Bunny Family in Carrot Purse – $18.00

Cute tchotchkes were always a must for us growing up and we can’t get enough of this carrot purse that houses a tiny stuffed bunny family!


Bunny Pillowcase – $15.29

For the bunny-lover in your life (ahem, Laura!), let them celebrate bunnies every night when they go to sleep!


Carrot Cake Soap – $7.95

Carrot-scented things are popping up all over the place and we love these cute carrot cake soaps!


Carrot Cake-Scented Mini Pillar Candle – $6.00

If you’re a candle-for-every-holiday fiend, here’s the answer to your Easter needs!


Tulip Carrot Door Hang – $82.00

Want to get festive without overdoing it? Enter this subtle, but on-theme decoration perfect to greet guests with!


Who has Easter plans? What are they?? What gifts do you love giving or getting on Easter? Let us know in the comments!