5 Tips to Get You Out the Door for Morning Exercise

I love working out in the morning. As hard as it is to get out of bed in the morning, it is so worth it to have your workout done before the day begins.

5 Tips to Get You Out the Door for Morning Exercise:

  • Hydrate! You have not had water for the last 8 hours or so – make sure you have some before you get to class.
  • Choose a studio/gym that’s closer to work than to home, if you are going early you might as well cut your commute in half. I have a studio that I love right by my office so I drive to work before the sun comes up, go to class and then get ready for work in the locker room.
  • Choose a class that fits your energy level. I like going to a more standard yoga class rather than one with weights and lots of cardio. Try a few different ones and see what works for you!
  • Try to go to class or get up early at least 3 days a week, this helps build the habit of getting up early and makes it easier to get up and moving.
  • Pack the night before, trust me – it’s way easier to get out the door if you already have the bag ready.

My Morning Yoga Packing List:

  • Mat and hot yoga towel
  • Water Bottle
  • Shower towel + hair towel (lifesaver when you are in a rush and don’t want to rush out with soaking hair)
  • Face wash and razor *my studio provides shampoo, conditioner and body wash* – I always bring cheaper face wash rather than my favorite (Kiehl’s) because I’ve been known to accidentally leave it 🙁
  • Make-up Bag
  • Travel Sized Hair Dryer (my studio provides hair dryers but it’s always good to have your own in case someone else is using)
  • Small plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Work Clothes
  • Lock for the locker (I usually attach this to my yoga mat carry strap so that I never forget it)


  1. I’m trying to be motivated to exercise. Part of my non motivation stems from literally just moving to another state last week. Plus, I’m still in school for associates classes.

  2. I have no problem going to the gym in the evening, but going in the morning KILLS ME! Maybe it’s because I have little ones still, that wake up 2-3 times a night, but I just can’t make it to the gym in the mornings. These are some awesome tips!

  3. Great tips! I try to get myself dressed in workout clothes as soon as I get out of bed and I’m more likely to get out the door.

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