Our Favorite Things to Travel With

In preparation for our upcoming trip to New Orleans tomorrow(!!!), we are sharing our favorite travel items that we don’t leave home without.


  1. Trtl (pronounced “turtle”) Neck Pillow: I am not a fan of traditional neck pillows but I found this one that I love. It’s kind of like a supportive scarf. I find it much easier to sleep with this one and love how compact it is, you can even attach it to your bag strap so it does not take up any room inside!
  2. Skullcap herb: This is a weird one, but once I started using it, I can’t go back! It is a liquid herb that helps restore your nervous system. I pack it in my carry on and take a couple drops under my tongue right before I take off on a redeye flight. Recommended dosage is 20 drops, but I usually only take 5. It works for me like a natural version of Nyquil. I sleep way better on the plane and don’t wake up groggy.
  3. Megahydrate capsules: I take Megahydrate with a full cup of water before I leave the house and head to the airport. It helps keep you stay hydrated on the plane and I can really tell the difference in my skin/eyes when I land.
  4. Kindle Fire: I don’t own an iPad and don’t love to travel with my computer if I can help it. Kindle is a great affordable option for bringing entertainment with me on flights. I also bought a great padded case that I use to store my kindle cord, phone charger, headphones and a headphone splitter.





  1. All of the water bottles: Hi my name is Laura and I have a drinking problem. In all seriousness I am never without water at work, at home, and especially on the go! I get super dehydrated on planes so I make a point to fill up early and often.
  2. Extra battery: I can’t tell you the last time my phone battery has lasted a whole day. This is not only a necessity in my everyday life when I am constantly surround by plugs, but when I’m on the road/plane/train/etc. extra batteries are clutch for charging up all my drained-because-I-instagrammed-too-much devices.
  3. Reusable bags: This is something I started traveling with a few years ago and I am constantly surprised how often they come in handy. Whether you’re staying at an airbnb and need something to carry groceries in or if you’ve found yourself overpacked and need to move some things around in your carry on situation, having an extra empty bag or two can never be wrong.
  4. Makeup (slash everything) wipes: Another item that you can find in my purse at all times, wipes become even more necessary when you’re out and about in a new place. I use these to clean my face (duh) after a long sightseeing day in the city, to wipe down a chair or bench that maybe looks a little shady, to clean my car dashboard, to spot clean clothes or bags… the list could go on but I think you get it. Stash these anywhere and everywhere.



What can’t you leave the house without?? Leave us your recommendations!