It’s A Thing 2.9.18

  1. I was in New Orleans last week for a work conference. This week, I’ve been making my own café au laits to reminisce. It is so easy to do and so budget friendly to make at home! You can buy the coffee with chicory from Cafe Du Monde on Amazon and milk frothers are super affordable and easy to use!170x170bb
  2. The creators of one of my favorite cookbooks (and blogs!) just started a podcast. If you are vegan or trying to eat healthily or just want a good laugh while you’re in the kitchen, check out their books. I am not a vegan but love their easy recipes. They are very conscious about not using ingredients you recognize (and telling you where to find them in the store). The food is delicious, you won’t even realize that it is vegan!
  3. We’ve started using StumbleUpon to share some of our blog content and I’ve been loving the things I’ve stumbled upon myself! Like this monkey seeing a magic trick and this infographic of how to make money on the internet.
  4. I started a new workout program this week, it’s basically a boot camp class and I’ll be doing it three mornings a week for the next 3 months. Yesterday’s class was all about squats and pushups, needless to say, I am incredibly sore today. I’ve been using this foam roller and this epsom salt soak to help feel better.
  1. Puppy pins! Puppy toys and accessories! For how anti-dog I was even 6 months ago, it’s still funny to me how much I’ve come around after getting one. Bookmarking these for future fiancé gifts…away_dogpins
  2. Love the idea of this minimalist soap! I’ve been on an all-natural kick for some of our household cleaning supplies (my new fav is just using a 1 part white vinegar, 2 parts water mix for all our cleanup needs) and I love that that soap has eight ingredients, all of which I recognize.
  3. For sure want to try this homemade English muffins recipe. I’m a diehard nooks-and-crannies fan and have always wondered if they’d be easy to DIY at home!
  4. LOVED Krista’s workwear features all last week! This work pants review is about to save me a lot of time in researching what I need to add to my closet. Also appreciated this outfit to impress, this outfit to go from a day at the office to a night out, this outfit to go from work to your weekend errands, and this outfit to keep your wallet happy! All around v impressed with her style.
  5. If you have any high school students in your life, let them know about this awesome-looking two-week podcast intensive! If I were eligible, I would 100% be there.