It’s A Thing 1.26.18

  1. I am not big on sweets but I LOVE ice cream. My favorite brand is Talenti Gelato and Sorbet. It is so delicious! You can just tell that they use high quality ingredients and I love that. I always stock up when it is on sale and have a new favorite flavor, the Mediterranean Mint Gelato is out of this world good!mediterranean-mint_Pint
  2. I had a huge finding-the-best-deal win this week! My husband and I exchanged all our loose change at coinstar for an Amazon gift card (getting a gift card vs. cash means they don’t take a fee!) and we used that to stock up on paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo, snacks, etc with a Prime Pantry Box which I think consistently offers the best savings for those types of things. On top of all that I got 3% cash back with ebates!
  3. My skin has been freaking out a little with the “cold” weather we’ve been having in LA. It’s finally feeling better after I did one of these face masks. I think I’ve finally gotten back some moisture!
  4. I am heading to NOLA next week for a work conference. Feeling really inspired by this great post from EAT LIVE TRAVEL DRINK!
  1. We (finally!) made the (big!) move of getting self-hosted on WordPress this week (hence the lack of posting, but lots going on behind the scenes!). I was very impressed with WordPress’ guide. We opted to use Bluehost as our hosting platform, and I think I’ll do a more in-depth most soon on the nitty gritty of moving from onto!Screenshot 2018-01-26 10.37.15
  2. I am very guilty of writing reminders on my hand for very important things that can’t be forgotten. I usually only do one word (or even just one letter if I feel extra trusting of myself!), but I saw this “memo bracelet” this week and thought it could be the answers to my (forgetful) prayers!
  3. I’m going to Chicago for a whirlwind 48 hours this weekend. My mother and I are meeting there (she’s flying in from New Hampshire, I’m flying in from Los Angeles!) to finalize my wedding dress (that she’s making!) and have some mother-daughter time. I’ve already packed my Skullcap and Megahydrate thanks to Stella’s awesome recommendations for surviving redeyes!
  4. I’m very excited for our Joybird couches to arrive in the next week or two! My fiancĂ© and I ordered them during a Black Friday deal (side note: they’re having a very similar sale RIGHT NOW! Jump on it!) and they are almost completed! Now to get rid of our current living room furniture to make room… 🤔