What to Expect at Your First Spin Class

I finally went to my first spin class… and it kicked my butt!

I went to a free first class (compliments of Yelp Fit Club) at The Sweat Shoppe in Toluca Lake, CA. The class was their express 45-min hot class. It was about 80 – 85 degrees and I loved the added heat! You can sign up for free fitness classes with Yelp, just keep an eye on local events.

What to Bring/Wear

  • Ankle socks
  • Water Bottle filled with cold water (I was thrilled that my swell bottle kept my water icy cold during class, I wish that I’d thought to pack a second bottle or refill the one that I brought for the car for the ride home)
  • Workout clothes: shorts/leggings (favs: here and here), tank and/or sports bra (favs: here and here)
  • Spin shoes! Most studios have these to rent and a lot give you a pair to use for your first ride. There are a few different kinds so be sure to check in with the studio to be sure you are buying the right ones for their bikes.

Getting Ready for Class

  • Put everything away in your locker, you just need water and a towel in the room
  • They helped me get settled in the bike – it’s a bit difficult to get your feet positioned correctly to lock the shoes in but the staff was happy to help out all the first timers and get us settled in

What Class is Like

  • Simple warm up on the bike
  • As you get farther into class, you steadily increase the resistance on the bike (easy to do with a knob on the front)
  • I loved keeping pace with the music and my instructor was super motivating!
  • Getting off the bike is way easier than getting on it – you just push down your toe like you are squishing a cigarette on the sidewalk and your shoe pops right out
  • Everything ends with a quick group stretch

What You’ll Get Out of it

  • Great workout and an amazing sweat
  • I also felt motivated and energetic to come back and work even harder in the next class

After Class

  • Drink tons of water
  • Stretch & keep moving
  • Maybe have a shower beer… you earned it!

Where You’ll be Sore

  • My legs were quite wobbly as I walked out but I wasn’t crazy sore the next day, I think that means that I can push a bit harder next time to get even more out of it
  • The soreness that I did feel was mostly in my legs, arms, and core

Overall, I really loved the class, if I wasn’t such a yoga addict, I’d get a membership there and go all the time. I might grab a class package so that I can go once a month just to switch up my workout routine!

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