It’s A Thing 1.19.18

  1. My sister has been in town visiting this week. She’s been on her own a bit while I am at work so I’ve sent her out adventuring to a bunch of my favorite spots including Wi Spa, The Movies, Philz Coffee and of course Yoga! She takes beautiful photos – check out her Instagram account and one of her photos below.  Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 4.20.58 PM
  2. For those of you that are LA locals and need a haircut, I highly recommend Freddy & Liana’s in Westwood! It’s a no-frills salon that always takes me for a walk-in appointment and I am usually in and out in 30-45 mins. I like to keep my hair pretty simply styled/cut so hate that most places charge an arm and a leg for a basic cut. At Freddy & Liana’s, I usually only pay around $30! The last time I went last time I had them cut 5 inches off and even though it was a big change, I was thrilled with the result.
  3. Did you know that Amazon and Oreo partnered for a cookie of the month club!? I think that is such a fun idea. Oreo has so.many.flavors. and I want to try them all. Now I just have to justify the cost….
  4. I just got a new tiny french press coffee pot at Target. My husband usually does not have coffee in the mornings so I am thrilled that this is a personal sized pot for just me.
  1. My neighborhood, Highland Park, has been all over L.A. news for a while as an “up and coming!” spot… but this is the week it finally jumped the shark!Screenshot 2018-01-19 10.39.30
  2. Allie posted about this Chickpea Shawarma dip and I’ve been salivating thinking about it ever since. Definitely going to try this one out for my next potluck or appetizer party!
  3. I listened to Garance Doré‘s ‘Pardon My French‘ podcast this week as it was a follow up on a lot of their employees’ wedding planning status. I have a handful of podcasts that I’m not an official subscriber to, but drop in for an episode here and there based on the topic (GardenFork Radio, The Art of Manliness, You Made It Weird).
  4. My fiancé and I are deep in wedding planning mode (😳 😍 🙃) and starting to finalize some detail-y things! I’m newly indoctrinated to the unconventional registry options and have so far loved my experience with Zola!