It’s A Thing 1.12.18

  1. I’ve been on 6 planes already this week, 2 more to go! I’ve surived all the travel so far by taking skullcap herb (natural sleep aid) on the red-eyes and at least one emergen-c every day.img_9326.jpg
  2. We are in Montréal this weekend celebrating our friendaversary! I am so glad that I spent so much time using duolingo last year before my trip to Paris, it is coming in handy!
  3. My sister is coming to visit LA next week! She has only been once before for my wedding week, so this time we are going to do more touristy things, I am using Laura’s guide for parents in LA to plan our trip!
  4. I am newly obsessed with Matcha tea lattes! They are full of antioxidants and have caffeine that is the equivalent of 10 cups of green tea. I’ve never made them myself (only ordered out) but they look super easy to make – just matcha tea powder + frothed milk and/or one of these cool bamboo wisks!
  1. We’re in Montréal this weekend celebrating our 10 year friendaversary!2018-01-11 18.17.20-1 Hard to believe it’s been a decade! We’re celebrating by being very, very cold :). I introduced Stella to Uniqlo a few weeks back and we’re both decked out in their heattech clothes for our chilly time here!
  2. My fiancé and I are getting close to sending out our wedding invites and so I’ve been doing lots of research/inspiration-hunting for the perfect design. We’re doing something a bit unconventional and having two big parties on each coast, so I’ve been looking at lots of maps, travel-themes, etc. Lots I loved like this “two countries, two hearts” invite, a global watercolor theme, these luggage tag magnet save the dates, and these custom and personalized wedding map invites!
  3. I’m newly obsessed with Dark Sky for weather predicting and updates. My fiancé has always used it but I am a new convert. Their spot-on timing for when it will start and stop raining really saved me from a drenched walk to lunch earlier in the week!
  4. Digging Mackenzie’s ideas for decorating her foyer! I love that her home decor is always sure to integrate a lot of different textures. Allie also had an awesome post detailing before and after shots of a bathroom renovation that looks just lovely! I am feeling very inspired to give my home’s rooms a good once-over and see if there are any new art pieces, organizing techniques, or design details that I can revamp!


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