What to Do When You Finish ‘The Crown’

I binged the second season of ‘The Crown‘ in record time, anyone else?! I find the story so captivating in so many ways, and the show itself is just beautiful to watch. I’ve definitely been guilty of doing some phone googling while watching to find out exactly what facts they’ve gotten right, what costumes match their real-world counterparts, and what history has been slightly exaggerated or dramatized for entertainment’s sake. I’ve also been super obsessed with other media pieces covering the royal family and British history from the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s. Inspired by our It’s A Thing post a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d put together a quick guide for things to read and watch after you finish!


The Royal House of Windsor (Netflix): Giving the viewer a deep-dive on the royal family, this 6-part docuseries delves into everything from theh political to the personal.

The Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II (Amazon — free with Prime): With footage not often included in other works cover QE2, there’s lots to learn about the Queen’s life covering as early as her time as a toddler, into adulthood. Many people that have worked and still work closely with her give insight into how she navigates the monarchy.

Diana: In Her Own Words (Netflix): A candid and touching look into the life of Diana, this feature is personal in nature and brings the viewer into the royal family’s life in a way many other documentaries have failed to capture.

Prince Philip: The Plot to Make a King (Netflix): Probing the aspects of royal life from Prince Philip’s point of view, this is a great watch in companion to The Crown as it illuminates some of the struggles he faced due to his German roots and ambitious family.

Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute (Netflix): Some family home movies paired with intimate recollections pay tribute to the Queen, presented on the eve of her ninetieth birthday (from 2016).

The Queen: A favorite of mine, Helen Mirren (fantastically!) portrays Queen Elizabeth II after the death of Princess Diana and a string of events that follow.

Victoria (Amazon): Definnitely dramatized, this PBS production follows the early years of Queen Victoria. Not super relevant to The Queen’s timeframe, but still a fun watch nonetheless!


Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch: Spanning from childhood into her reign, this biography by the ever-talented Sally Bedell Smith gives the reader an inside-the-palace look, peaking into the Queen’s daily routines and exploring her history though accounts of her closest relationships.

Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life: Sally Bedell Smith returns with this intimate look into Prince Charles’ life as the oldest heir to the throne in more than three hundred years.

Princess Margaret: A comprehensive and enthralling journey, this biography explores the intricacies of being a princess in today’s monarchy and everything that entails.

My Husband and I: The Inside Story of 70 Years of the Royal Marriage: With a wedding that counted over 3,000 guests, the Queen’s marriage has been under scrutiny since well before the actual ceremony. Acclaimed royal biographer Ingrid Seward sheds new light on their relationship and its impact on their family and on the nation.

Young Elizabeth: The Making of the Queen: Exploring Queen Elizabeth’s early years, biographer Kate Williams examines the many experiences and convictions that made her the monarch she is today.

Any other fans of The Crown? What further reading/watching/internet black holes have you fallen into about The Royal Family?? Let us know in the comments!


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