Great Stocking Stuffers You Can Buy Last Minute on Amazon Prime

We LOVE stockings! It’s such a fun way to give a lot of small gifts to each other and makes Christmas morning seem to last just a little longer. Anyone else been procrastinating and still have a few stockings to fill? Well, we also REALLY LOVE Amazon Prime! These are our top picks for stocking stuffers under $20 that you can buy on Prime so you can get free 2-day shipping and they’ll arrive in time for Christmas morning!

Mirage: Double Hinged Corkscrew – Amazon Prime ($12.49)

Hopefully, you are doing stockings for the adults and the kids! This fun corkscrew is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Looking for something a little less psychedelic? You can get all the basic colors here.


Burt’s Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Set – Amazon Prime ($9.88)

We’re big Burt’s Bees fans over here and this “intro pack” to the brand could be the perfect thing to fill a stocking and get a sister or friend life-long-hooked on the best lip balm around!


“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” Kit – Amazon Prime ($19.95)

We love a slightly tacky holiday toy as much as the next person and this foam snowman definitely fits the bill. Throw some holiday cheer in by including this friend in a stocking.


Ultra Glow in the Dark Stars w/ Bonus Moon – Amazon Prime ($9.95)

Maybe we never fully grew up, but stick-on glow in the dark stars are still a crowd pleaser. Favorite place to decorate with them? Inside closets! Such a fun, unexpected surprise.


Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Set – Amazon Prime ($12.49)

Have some campers in your life? Or a sibling who has a fire pit in their backyard? These marshmallow roasting sticks are a great gift for s’more fun!


Stainless Steel Drinking Straws – Amazon Prime ($6.88)

We have actually gifted these to a handful of friends (during the holidays and otherwise!) and they are always a hit. Such a great way to do your part to save the environment if you’re addicted to that straw life!


Lego Tape – Amazon Prime ($14.99)

If you’re stuffing for a kid’s stocking or just an adult who makes a point of visiting Legoland at least once a year, this lego tape is sure to be a pleaser as it turns any surface into the best lego-building spot!


Plant Watering Globes – Amazon Prime ($9.99)

Have a family member that’s lacking the green thumb gene? These glass plant-watering globes are a long-lasting way to keep your plants watered!


Tile Mate “Anything Finder” – Amazon Prime ($19.99)

Constantly reminding your fiancé where the keys are? Always reminding your father where he left the remote? Has your sister misplaced her phone more times than you can count? Tile to the rescue!



Christmas socks! – Amazon Prime ($10.88)

Christmas socks are the perfect stocking stuffer that everyone needs! Socks are a great item to fill space and they work for everyone so you can buy a combo pack and use them to fill anyone’s stocking that you still have a little space in.

christmas socks

Anyone else still doing some holiday shopping? What are you filling friends’ and family members’ stockings with this year?? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I actually bought the avocado saver things and some of the “I can’t adult today” wine glasses You suggested. And those plant watering globes may work for someone I know as well…so…THANK YOU for the gift giving help! Cheers !!! 🙂

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