Gift Guide for the Pets in Your Life

While your pets may not be the ones gifting you anything this holiday season, it is definitely fun to spoil them a bit! Some of the gifts in this guide are specifically for your furry friends, while some are more geared towards owners, pet sitters, dog walkers, etc. (unless you’re into putting earrings on your dog, in which case power to you!)

Stocking Stuffers // Under $15


Dog-Themed Cookie Cutters — $2.50+



1,040 Bags with Dispenser! — $14.99



Willow Branch Chew Ball — $3.33



Donut Pet Toy — $9.75

For Your Dog Walker // Under $25


Custom Leather Collar — $24.41+

Screenshot 2017-11-18 12.10.15

Mismatched Cat and Dog Earrings — $20.00



AquaPaw Dog Bathing Glove — $19.99


Poster mock-up

Custom Soundwave “Woof” or “Meow” Art Print — $20.50

For Your Pet Sitter // Under $50


Screenshot 2017-11-18 12.12.13

Brooklyn Pet House (for your hipster pet) — $



Small Pet Sweatshirt (that makes them look like a dinosaur!) — $29.95



Pet Bed — $29.99


Screenshot 2017-11-18 12.30.46

Taco Pet Bed(!!!) — $

Do you have some furry friends in your life? Laura has two bunnies and a dog, and Stella sometimes pet sits them! Definitely starting their gift lists asap! (And one or two of these items may or may not have been purchased in making this post!)

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