Our Top 3 Podcasts of the Moment

Need something to distract you on your commute? How about while you are out on a run? Check out our lists of favorite podcasts of the moment!

Stella’s Favorites:

Money Peach

I just can’t stop listening to Money Peach. It is so good. Chris Peach has an incredible personal finance story, he and his wife paid off $52k of debt in 7 months. It was a huge wake up call for him and he’s been helping others do thesame through his website, money course and podcast. He tells stories of his own personal experience and also interviews entrepreneurs and personal finance folks like himself on the podcast. His podcast inspired me to finally start reading The Millionaire Next Door which is fantastic. It’s all about the habits of millionaires and debunks our ideas of what being rich actually looks like. Peach talks a lot about this on his podcast as well and talks about creating habits for saving money and getting rid of debt.

The Tobolowsky Files

Stephen Tobolowsky is a character actor who has been in a ton of movies and shows. I know him from Glee and Silicon Valley. But he’s also been in quite a few classics like Thelma and Louise and Groundhog Day. His podcast is incredible. He tells stories of real life experiences, like the birth of his first child and a detailed account of his heart surgery. I always find myself completely wrapped up in his stories and have a hard time turning this one off.

How I Built This

You know that it’s going to be good when NPR is behind a podcast, but this one always blows me away. Each episode is an interview with a different successful entrepreneur and you get to hear their first-hand account of the ups and downs of creating a business. They are all hugely successful companies (Spanx, AirBnB, Clif Bars) that are household names now but all started as just one person and an idea. It’s inspirational to hear their stories.

Laura’s Favorites:

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Do not start this podcast if you don’t want to sob uncontrollably. I started following Nora on the internet when she blogged about her husband’s terminal brain tumor. She has since started a foundation in his honor, written a book, and started this podcast that I am crazy obsessed with. I am also crazy obsessed with this woman in general, because she does such a fantastic job at lifting up others around her. Go listen, now. But bring a box of tissues with you.

Twenty Thousand Hertz

The topics that Twenty Thousand Hertz covers run the gamut, but they all focus solely and directly on the sounds of that topic and it is endlessly fascinating. I started listening to them because I have a pretty intense fear of flying and a friend sent me their “Fight or Flight” episode that delves into all the sounds you’re hearing in that big tube in the air! I’ve now gone back and listened to their entire catalog and can’t say there was a bad episode among them! My faves were “Space,” “Mystery Hum,” and “Watergate.”


Not only is this a new-to-me podcast, this podcast is only two episodes in! I’m already in love, as it focuses on women in technology. It’s a sponsored podcast, funded in part by Pearson, and seeks to “[celebrate] women both inside and outside of Pearson who are using technology to transform teaching and learning and improve outcomes for students.” Its inaugural episode starts with a brief description of a very impressive female tech pioneer followed by the question, “How did I not know her name?” I’m all in for striking that question from our vocab when it comes to fabulous tech ladies!

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Do you have any recommendations of what else we should be listening to?


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