5 Creative Dinner Ideas with Items from Trader Joe’s

As you probably know from our previous posts, we love all things Trader Joe’s. We love how they always have great seasonal products and great low prices. Plus everything in the Trader Joe’s line of products is non-GMO, no MSG, no artificial flavors and basically just good delicious ingredients.

These are our top 5 choices for creative dinner with ingredients from Trader Joe’s that you can put together quickly on a weeknight.

1. Lemon Zest Ravioli with Veggies 

The ravioli section at Trader Joe’s is amazing. It’s seasonal so be sure to grab your favs when you see them! A go-to favorite for me is the Girasoli Ricotta & Lemon Zest Ravioli. Instead of tomato sauce, I usually serve it with Mini Heirloom Tomatoes (cut in half), English Peas (also seasonal), Garlic and Parmesan Cheese. It. is. so. good.

2. Pepperoni Mushroom Pizza

The Trader Joe’s pizza crust is amazing and it only costs about a dollar. This is one of the easiest meals to make for a crowd and perfect for hosting game night. The pizza sauce in the prepared food section is delicious and just about perfectly covers two crusts. My favorite easy toppings are mushrooms and pepperoni, but you can get creative or even do a few different kinds or a make-your-own pizza bar with a ton of toppings for your guests (or kids!).

3. Red Beans and Rice

This is such an easy dinner and it re-heats well which makes it perfect for leftovers. I start with Cajun sausage, bell peppers and onions in a dutch oven. Then I add Cajun spices and kidney beans. I cook the rice separately in a rice cooker. Add the spices just a little at a time, it gets spicy quick!

4. Tamales with Salsa Verde

We actually put this on our “Top Lunches Under $5” list last month. I usually buy the frozen tamales to keep in the freezer at work. If I am making them for dinner, the fresh ones are slightly more delicious especially if you steam them on the stove top. They pair perfectly with the Salsa Verde and you can make the meal a little more hearty by serving with rice & beans or chips & guac. This is a cheap and easy dinner that is a little bit of a step up from frozen food and way cheaper than eating out. We love it.

5. Fried Cauliflower Rice with Asian Stir Fry Veggies & sauce

A super easy dinner to keep on hand, the cauliflower rice and stir fry veggies come frozen, so they’re a great addition to your freezer. Favorite sauce options at TJ’s include: Trader Ming’s Stir Fry Sauce, Island Soyaki, and the Sweet Chili Sauce. Throw it all in a wok, stir for 15 minutes, and you’re ready to eat!

Do you have any Trader Joe’s dinner favorites? Let us know in the comments!


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