It’s A Thing 11.4.17

Whoops! Laura’s parents are in town for the weekend and she definitely spaced on getting this post out the door on time. Relatedly: need things to do with your parents in LA? Check out this post and this post for some inspiration!


  1. My friend Ali just launched her kickstarter to build a totally awesome store for her art in Somerville, MA. One of the perks donating is a tote that holds 9000 Things which is also the name of her store 😉 – check it out, her art is gorgeous!
  2. These water bikes look super fun and a whole lot cheaper than owning a boat!
  3. My office has become obsessed with all the oreo flavors – who knew oreo would dominate the flavor game? There are a few that are to be expected like Pumpkin Spice, Mint and Red Velvet. But they also get crazy with Firework (contains pop rocks!), the Tripple Double (is that a cookie, a burger or a baseball term? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and Waffles and Syrup (for the bunnies of course!). My favorite, Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha, because everything is better with Dunkin’ coffee.
  4. I think we need to visit The Happy Place Museum to take pictures for the blog!
  1. Our puppy was super sick this week and required a couple visits to the vet. I was taylor-swift-reputation-art-2017-billboard-1240inspired by that coupled with this Frugalwoods post to get some pet First Aid supplies for our house.
  2. Lusting after this turtleneck sweater dress! Temperatures in LA finally started to feel like fall this week and I am in full on cozy mode.
  3. Taylor released another new song this week and I really can’t wait for the whole album to drop on DATE. I’ve been participating in the Ticketmaster “Taylor Ticket Portal” in the hopes that when tour dates are announced I’ll be first in line!
  4. I have a few different friends/coworkers that are pregnant/soon-to-be-parents and I’ve been getting super psyched to DIY a bunch of baby gifts. My fiancé and I just acquired a laser engraver (definitely a DIY post in the works for that one!), and first up we’re going to make some baby blocks.


Let us know what you think!