3 Quick Workouts You Can Do Anytime

You know those days when you just can’t make it to the gym but really need to squeeze in some exercise? These are our three favorite ways to get moving!

  1. We absolutely love this 8 minute abs video on YouTube. The groovy host knows just how to keep you motivated and you barely notice the 8 minutes fly by. If you love the video (and the outfits!) as much as we do, follow it up with 8 Minute Arms, 8 Minute Buns and 8 Minute Legs!
  2. Take a walk and get those 10k steps! These days you don’t even need a fancy pedometer to track your steps. It’s built in on your phone through the Apple Health app. We both use the Pedometer++ app on our iPhones and like it slightly better (mostly it’s an aesthetic thing). If you need extra motivation, treat yourself by walking to a coffee shop (bring your own mug!) or listen to a podcast on the way (check out our favorites over here).
  3. Desk yoga is a great mini-break to take while you’re at work. Working in some wrist stretches, seated twists, and cat-cows while you’re waiting for coffee to brew or killing 2 minutes in between meetings is a great way to keep your blood flow up throughout the day! Our favorite resources for quick yoga poses are here, here, and here!

Have any other suggestions for quick workouts? Let us know in the comments… and then get moving!



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