It’s A Thing 10.27.17

  1. Very excited to make traditional thai pumpkin-coconut soup (keg bouad mak fak
    kham) this week. It is so delicious, I make it every year. I usually end up roasting the seeds but love these creative ideas for what else you can do with thempumpkin-soup-1003488_960_720
  2. The IRS announced inflation numbers for tax brackets and tax rates for filing taxes for 2018. Nothing much to do with this year’s tax season but good to know for next year!
  3. One of our favorite newsletters for getting informed about current events, theSkimm, just announced a new podcast type way to get your news in the morning. They’ve created “10 minutes or less” updates on current events/things in the news so you feel like you know what’s going on in the world.
  4. We can officially move the “Terrible, Thanks for Asking” podcast to the “both” section on our favorites page, I am hooked!
  1. I’ve been lusting after an Away carryon bag since they launched (charging power inaway_ebco_coral_9 your bag?! sign me up!), and I’m drooling over this Gray Malin collab even more so!
  2. Our neighborhood has been full of fireworks all summer long, and somehow everyone’s still finding reasons to celebrate with them (Go Dodgers?). This week’s Liz Climo cartoon summed up perfectly how our pup feels about them…
  3. We’ve been contemplating getting a new vacuum (our current one is fine, but ~6 years old and not quite keeping up with all the dog hair in our lives). This one just went on sale!
  4. Carly of The College Prepster has been a blogger I’ve followed for years. I’m in awe of how she has transformed her brand and presence into the thriving community that it is! This interview of how she grew a following was a great read!


  1. Went to a Halloween party this weekend and someone was dressed up as an Away carryon bag. No joke. what CREATIVITY, what GENIUS.

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