DIY Coffee Table Inspiration

My husband, Sam, and I recently started selling a ton of our furniture/house things and upgrading it slowly. We got married about a year and a half ago and had a ton of fun items that we got off our registry. We chose to register at Bed Bath and Beyond (for our deal-loving friends that wanted to use that stack of 20% off coupons) and Amazon (for all of our procrastinator friends that needed to ship with Prime). Between the two places, we could find pretty much everything we needed/wanted but once we started upgrading we kept getting inspired to do more and more improvements around our apartment. So we started to re-design room by room.

Our living room re-design included moving our beautiful new dining room table (a wedding gift from my dad) from the kitchen into the living room and making it a combo room. So we bought a much needed new couch that was a bit more space-savvy and a budget-friendly but very difficult to put together new TV stand. And then began the search for a new coffee table.

We love the hairpin leg look that’s been popular lately. You can buy tables from tons of huge retailers like West Elm (pictured below), Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon.

Brass Hairpin Coffee Table

And then we figured out that you can actually buy your own hairpin legs and attach them to whatever top you’d like. I even found some on eBay that were pretty decently priced. But then we found a perfectly sized coffee table on craigslist for $15 that had a very basic fake wooden top but it was sitting on top of a set of hairpin legs! Most of the retailers we found were around $30 for a set of four legs but by buying them second hand on a table, we cut that price in half! We figured out that it is super easy to remove the legs and put them on something else.

So we decided to enlist Jacob (Laura’s fiancé) to help us make a wooden top for our legs that we love. He’s been doing all kinds of projects around their house, like upgrading the backyard, building a new table and making a bookcase.

Time for a bit of searching via Google + Etsy, so we can find inspiration and create our design! These are the ones that I’ve found so far that I like.

Wood and Black Metal Flynn Hairpin Desk

Anyone else used hairpin legs for a DIY table? Would love to hear about your experiences!

If you are also feeling inspired to do some redesigns – check out our posts about selling things & buying things online. Happy upgrading 🙂

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