It’s A Thing 10.20.17

  1. My Thanksgiving trip to Italy is only a month away! So excited to see my sister, drink espresso and eat all the pasta.
  2. I LOVED Food En My Belly’s post about bee pollen this week! Such an amazing super food. Plus you can buy it on Amazon, so it is super easy to get some bee pollen in your life.  I have a great acai bowl spot near my house that makes beautiful bowls and puts honey combs and edible flowers on top – yum! (this photo is from my bowl last week)Image-1.png
  3. These super delicious pumpkin chai snickerdoodle cookies that my coworker brought into the office this week. I can’t stop thinking about them. They are the perfect fall treat. She recommends that the dough can get a bit sticky so try chilling it before you scoop!
  4. I started listening to a new podcast from Bigger Pockets about real estate investing and it is super interesting. Greatly enjoyed the second episode where the guys talk to Karen Rittenhouse. She tells the story of how she started out hoping to build retirement wealth and ended up owning and running an incredibly successful business.
  1. California bosses can no longer ask you about your previouspumpkinpalooza-hero-new-2 income thanks to the salary privacy bill. Thought to help shrink the gender pay gap, Governor Jerry Brown is hopeful that the new law will “[counter] discrimination which can follow women from job to job.”
  2. I’m really jonesing for it to feel like fall in L.A. So far we’re still seeing temps in the 90’s, but I can’t wait for it to cool down so we can start wearing sweaters, drinking hot toddies, and eating all of these delectable-looking pumpkin treats!
  3. Mrs. Frugalwoods wrote a book! Obviously I preordered immediately and now I can’t wait for March! I’ve been a longtime reader of The Frugalwoods (they used to be anonymous!) and their blog has inspired my own clothing ban, tracking my own spending, investing in ETFs and index funds, and so much more! I think this blog is my favorite resource and one I talk about A LOT.
  4. This tiny hedgehog went camping. I may or may not be very inspired to do lots more photoshoots with my rabbits…