What to Expect at Your First Kickboxing Class

We went to our first kickboxing class… and loved it!

Box n’ Burn in Brentwood offers a free first class (with free wrap and glove rentals!) so we signed up with a few girlfriends and had a super fun girls night out. Our main forms of exercise include yoga (both) and running (Laura), so kickboxing was a totally new experience. Special shout out to our awesome instructors: Anthony, Alex and Josh.


What to Bring/Wear

  • Shoes! Though you can do the class barefoot, it is more comfortable with sneakers
  • Water Bottle
  • Workout clothes: shorts/leggings (our favs: here and here), tank, sports bra (our favs: here and here)

What Class is Like

  • Meet the instructors (3 instructors for a class of 8 students!) and get gloves/wraps
  • Quick 5 minute warm up – who knew jumping rope could be so hard as an adult?!
  • Beginner tutorial: they pulled aside all the newbies laura hand emojistella hand emoji& showed us the basics
  • Circuit Rotation – ring, bags, floor (squats, track, hold plank, etc), repeat
  • Cube
  • Ab Workout
  • Stretch – we were great at that part (yeah yogis!)

What You’ll Get Out of it

  • Kickboxing is a mega calorie burner! Our friend Melinda was wearing her apple watch, unfortunately it died about halfway through but was already registering 570 calories!
  • Self-defense skills! Even after one class we already felt more comfortable punching and kicking.

After Class

Where You’ll be Sore

  • …. but also, quads, ankles, thighs, arms and fingers
  • Also, you’ll be sore the next day.

Our Favorite Products for Sore Muscles

  • Epsom salt for a bath or as a scrub
  • China Gel – this stuff is amazing, you use a tiny amount on your sore muscles and they feel better within a few minutes.



  1. I really want to do kick boxing. A friend of mine and my husband’s used to teach it at a local gym and i’m kinda upset with myself that I didn’t go to one of his classes but that doesn’t mean I still can’t go. It really sounds like an amazing workout. What a way to burn calories!

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