It’s A Thing 10.6.17

  1. It’s finally starting to feel like fall, even here in sunny Los Angeles. I love these tiny
    donut hole acorns
    . They’d be such a fun thing to bring to work!
  2. I know I link to Money Peach all the time, but here I go again… this episode is so good! It’s an interview with John Gaston, who was able to retire at age 34 after building a business with his best friend. Maybe that can be us one day!
  3. I love this little DIY dandelion string art.
  4. I love making things in the crock pot, especially as it starts to get cooler, this recipe for Creamy Crock Pot Butternut Mac & Cheese looks incredible.
  5. Very excited to announce that we hit 50 followers on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest this week! Thank you all for following us 🙂
  1. We’ve chatted lots recently about money things we wish we had known 1, 5, and 10 years ago. Confessions of a 23-year old thousandaire is a great read on some of those things!Screenshot 2017-10-06 18.50.35
  2. I’m currently wedding planning and tomorrow is t-minus 6 months to Part 1 (of 3 😆) of our big day! Obviously all my targeted ads right now are for “the perfect invitation” and “the linens you can’t live without” but I have a habit of rolling my eyes at all of that. A Practical Wedding is one resource I’ve found that I actually enjoy and feels more on my level. They’re generous with do-it-on-the-cheap tips from real weddings and keep it grounded with their 2 cents Q&A section.
  3. I was traveling in Vancouver this week to attend a conference for work and was (sadly? not surprisedly? frustratedly?) reminded of this article about being a woman at a tech conference. No I’m not a designer. No I’m not a PM. I can talk code with you until the end of time but I don’t want to because you won’t make eye contact…
  4. We def need to brew beer again.