5 Ways to Reuse Plastic Vegetable Bags

I always put my vegetables in the plastic produce bags when I am at the grocery store. I know it’s not the most environmentally efficient thing to do, so I try to make up for it by reusing them at least once before I toss them.

Here are my favorite ways to reuse the bags:

1. Bathroom Trash Can Liner

Those little produce bags are the perfect size for my bathroom trash can. I love that I don’t have to buy trash bags and can just reuse bags I already have on hand.

2. Shoe bag for travel

Let’s face it, our shoes are gross. Just think about all the places they carry us throughout the day and the millions of gross things we step on. So why not put them in a bag you don’t care about when you travel? There are tons of options for travel shoe bags on the market but I also love to use my produce bags for them. They are the perfect size and light as a feather so they are great for being on the go.

3. Sweaty Yoga Clothes

I usually go to yoga in the morning and thus get ready/shower in the locker room. I always throw a few produce bags in my yoga bag to put my sweaty clothes in after I shower. They are just big enough to fit one set of yoga clothes and my hot yoga towel. It keeps the smell/grossness contained until I can get home to hang everything up.

4. Liner for your Juicer

I love to make fresh juice at home. My juicer (which I love and highly recommend by the way!) has a little compartment on the bag where the fibers from the vegetables shoot out as the juice is being made. Rather than having to clean that compartment, I use one of the produce bags as a liner and then I can easily throw it away or better yet, use for compost!

5. Tiny Cooking Trash Can

This is by far my favorite way to reuse produce bags. I use the little compartment from my juicer (see item 4 above) as a tiny trash can on my kitchen island while I am cooking and line it with one of the produce bags. That way as I am cutting veggies and throwing away packaging I can put it into the trash right in front of me vs. walking over to the trash can. That might sound super lazy, but trust me – just give it a try and watch how it cuts your cooking time down with one easy efficient step!

If you want to go the extra mile, here are a few great options for re-usable vegetable bags that you can use time and time again!


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  1. great post. I do this as well. I used to have the reausable produce bags but misplaced them after moving to a new place. i forget to order new sets!!!! aaahh!

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