How to Organize Your Multitasking with Google Chrome

I’m a fanatic when it comes to multitasking online and I just discovered a fantastic feature of Chrome that I wish I’d known about YEARS ago. Laura’s been using it for ages, but since I’d never heard of it – I figured it might be a game changer for some of you too!

Quick note: if you don’t use Chrome as your default web browser, I highly recommend it. I am a big google product user (Google Flights is my favorite invention for travel booking) so I usually opt for their products over the competition and Chrome does not disappoint.

Okay, back to online-multitasking-life-hack of the moment. In your Chrome browser window there is a little box in the top right corner that has your name (assuming you are also signed into gmail). I’d noticed before that my bookmarks stayed the same between my work and home computer but kind of ignored it. I’d unknowingly been sort of utilizing Chrome user accounts all along. Now that I know about it, I can do even more!

When you click on your name in the top right corner, a drop down shows up with all of your accounts. You can add accounts and then, when you sign into gmail/Chrome, it will populate your bookmarks.

google chrome users

Laura and I have a shared email address for our blog, so I created a user account for both of us to share. That way, when I am working on the blog, I can keep a separate window open where I am signed into my personal accounts and then everything we are working on for our site is in the other window. I’ve created bookmarks for all the sites we usually use: WordPress, Google Drive, Shop Style Collective, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. In the other window, I am signed into my own social channels and my personal email account. I love multitasking and the multiple windows, bookmark saves, and being able to be signed into multiple accounts is so helpful.

These are the things that you can customize for each user account:

Also, the settings stay the same across all your devices, so you can sign into your Chrome user accounts on your laptop at home, work desktop, phone or even if you are borrowing a friend’s computer or logging into a public computer (don’t forget to sign out of course!).

If someone else is using your computer, you can open a new window as “guest” so they can log into all of their accounts without logging you out of the things you are usually using.

What other google products do you love? Let us know in the comments!