It’s A Thing 9.22.17

  1. I just started listening to a new podcast, The Tobolowsky Files, and I LOVE it. Stephen Tobolowsky is an incredible storyteller.
  2. This newish company in LA delivers everything you need for experiences so that you don’t have to buy a bunch of things that you’ll never need again. back-yard-movie-night.jpg
  3. My mom just reminded me about one of my favorite breakfast recipes as a kid, Kirsten’s Swedish Pancakes. Yes, Kirsten Larson, the American Girl Doll. She still has the original cookbook that I used all the time. She made them this week and we are going to make them again next time I am home.
  4. This is Us Season 2 comes out next week and I couldn’t be more excited!
  1. This beautiful pasta tumblr. I scrolled forever.
  2. iOS 11 is out! Anyone else upgrade as soon as it was available? I’m obsessed. And a big ‘ol nerd, which means I sought out a bunch of reviews to learn all about the new features. My faves were from iMore and MacWorld. The side-by-sides of certain screen evolutions in iMore’s review are jarring… can you believe we used to have to look at such tacky UI??

    Rene Ritchie’s review on iMore
  3. It finally is starting to cool down a bit in Los Angeles. We even had a day in the 60s this week! It’s making me want to cozy up with sweaters and tea…my favorite sweaters of the moment are at Uniqlo, Old Navy, and Madewell!
  4. This is not a newbie, but one I’ve loved for some time. Society6 is one of my go-to spots for home decor and gifts. It is also one of the few companies I allow in my inbox (hi, #inboxzero here, I unsubscribe to 99% of things) for their new product announcements. Recently they’ve unveiled curtains, carry all pouches, and comforters, all of which are customized by artists around the world. I think their concept is so cool and I love supporting them!

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