It’s A Thing 9.15.17

  1. Just figured out you can order Crystal hot sauce to your local wal-mart for free in-crystalstore pickup! It’s $1.37 per bottle which is way cheaper than ordering on Amazon Prime. Can’t wait to try this with all kinds of brands that I can’t get locally!
  2. There are a ton of museums that you can visit for free this Sunday in LA. Time Out has the list.
  3. I am on a huge flavoring-things-that-aren’t-bagels-with-everything-bagel-seasoning kick. Excited to try this fry recipe compliments of Thrillist.
  4. One of my favorite episodes of Money Peach about getting on the same page as your spouse about money. I think this is relevant to all couples and there are tons of takeaways for changing your money habits.
  1. Newly obsessed with Citizen Cider’s The Dirty Mayor. Such a refreshing beer-alternative that I discovered on this week’s trip to Brooklyn! DirtyMayor_SIDE.jpg
  2. This sentiment around not being able to abandon a book. I so feel that, and am currently “suffering” through one right now…
  3. The latest (bonus!) episode of Bad With Money with Mara Wilson! I’m super obsessed with this podcast and this was such a lovely conversation to get to drop in on.