It’s A Thing 9.1.17

  1. This is my favorite bread recipe, great for beginners – it is so easy, just 4 ingredients!Everything Bagel
    My mom puts Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel Seasoning on top of her loaves
    and it’s amazing.
  2. Let’s go Back to the 90s.
  3. On Oct. 1st, Starbucks is closing its online store and lots of
    mugs, tumblers, glasswater bottles and coffee brewers are on sale. Plus you get a free $15 Starbucks eGift Card on orders $60+.
  4. PaidViewPoint is my favorite site for earning extra $$ completing surveys.  All of the surveys are short and sweet. You earn at least 10 cents no matter what, most other sites don’t give you anything if you don’t qualify for the survey but you waste time answering questions to figure out if you do qualify.
  5. This new Poke place just opened up in Hollywood and I can’t wait to try it, plus – how cute is their name?! Poke’To!


  1. Thing I had to google this week: “What is makeup baking?” the more you knowThe more you know…
  2. I read this (lengthy, but v interesting) article on maternal deaths in the US. Heart-wrenching, but also a supreme example of in-depth reporting. Lots of props to NPR and ProPublica for this one.
  3. On a lighter note… we got a dog this week! She’s super chill and we’re already besties, but it definitely meant a rather heavy hit on spending. Here’s the crate and bowls we got her, the BEST deal on poop bags that exists on the internet, and her favorite treats (so far)!
  4. I’m a a member of Ada’s List and it is a joyous resource in my life. I get daily email updates from women around the world talking about and sharing everything ranging from bringing your baby to work and getting a new job as a software developer to job listings and what’s happening in the intersection of tech and feminism. As a woman working in a male-dominated field, I am so grateful to all of these women I have not met but feel that I know!
  5. That’s just how millennials roll…according to our thought leaders.