The Best Things I Learned from Half Banked’s Investing Email Course

About a year and a half ago I started getting really invested in… well, investments. I had spent my early 20’s in a lovely state of oblivion whenever anyone said the phrase, “make your money work for you!” and I was tired of it. I wanted to be investing, to know things about investing, and to be able to speak knowledgeably about it. But, the struggle is real when you google “how to invest”:

uhhhh, help?

I started reading. A lot. And then I got overwhelmed… A lot.

I have long been an avid blog reader, but most of my Feedly categories center around running, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, weird programming things, and MEMES (slash art). I started adding resources to my daily media habits that talked about budgeting, frugality, and Getting Your Financial Life Together™. Things were starting to make a little more sense and I was tracking money like never before…but I still hadn’t broken ground on my goal of investing. And that’s where the hero of our story comes in… ZITH!

Brought to you by the angel behind Half Banked, Desirae hosts a one-week, direct-to-your-email (yes, yours!) course that outlines so. many. details. that demystify and clarify the world of investing. Entitled “Zero to Investing Hero,” Desire instilled a sense of confidence in me that enabled my initial contributions. From compound interest and stock market return rates to personalizing your investments and the differences between index funds, mutual funds, and ETFs, the course is a down-to-earth, easy-to-relate rundown of Baby’s First Investments®.


Here are the top 4 things I learned from Desirae’s course:

  1. Compound interest is literally better than sugar, unicorns, and baby bunnies all combined. Earning interest on your interest? That’s. So. Much. Free. Money. (If you leave it alone and don’t freak out at any tiny market dip by removing all your hard work.)
  2. Do your due diligence on fees. Even though 2% might sound low, there are MUCH LOWER options out there! Research the fees. Find the lowest one. Go there.
  3. 4% average market returns are considered a doomsday, worst-case-scenario! DID YOU KNOW over the past 40 years, the stock market has averaged 7% returns every year, after inflation?! Why aren’t we all ditching our savings accounts (except for a nice 6 month cost-of-living cushion, of course) and dumping every single cent in there??
  4. Are you a beginner? Mutual funds are your new bestie. Something about Norse Mythology and Thor got thrown into this section, so I was definitely a little thrown, but suffice to say, I am on the diversifying train.

Long story short, if you have questions, she’s got answers! I can’t recommend the Zero to Investing Hero Course highly enough! Subscribe away!


Laura Kinson is a self-taught web developer and part-time ukulele player by day at Fender. She teaches yoga on the weekends and is passionate about to-do lists, keeping her Yelp Elite status, and perfecting the poached egg. She texts with her right thumb & left index finger and is fully aware that it's weird.

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