Splitting the Bill

Our ladies trip to NOLA was a whirlwind and a half! We met a dear friend “halfway” between New York and LA and before we even left, we already had expenses pop up that needed to be shared. Laura paid for airport parking, Stella paid for the flights and Amy threw down her card for the hotel.


We LOVE the app Splitwise and before each trip we always set up a new “group” with everyone that is going and add all the joint expenses there. You can split each thing between everyone or just a few of the participants. It makes it super easy when you are making joint purchases or even just going for dinner.

At the end of the trip, Splitwise simplifies all of the transactions so that you just transfer money to one person. We’ve used a few different money transfer services but usually default to Venmo because most of our friends use it.

I wish these apps had existed when we were in college, they would have made roommate purchases so much easier!!

away_splitwise1  away_splitwise2